children's nutrition at school

Children’s nutrition at school: ensuring a healthy and nutritious diet

Back to school is an exciting time for children and their families. It’s a period when they return to their daily routine, meet new teachers and classmates (or reunite with old ones), and face new learning challenges. But along with these emotions, there’s a crucial aspect to consider: children’s nutrition at school. Proper nutrition is … Read more
How to choose fresh fish at the market (and supermarket)

How to choose fresh fish at the market (and supermarket)

Whether strolling around the market or at the supermarket, at the end of our “tour” we often find ourselves in front of the fresh fish counter. At least in medium-large supermarkets that offer this purchasing option. Fresh fish is a key ingredient in the cuisine of many countries around the world. Its freshness and quality … Read more
How to Freeze and Preserve Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables: how to freeze and preserve

If you’re seeking an efficient way to maintain fresh vegetables‘ goodness year-round, freezing is the ideal solution. Freezing is a widely adopted preservation technique, especially suitable for vegetables that retain their qualities even after being frozen. Apart from providing access to seasonal varieties at any time, freezing ensures that vegetables’ color, texture, flavor, and most … Read more