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About Buyer Food U.S.

Buyer Food is the food information blog of Simone Paciaroni, Food Retail Manager. Food & Beverage technician, fresh food specialist and author of: Master Food & Beverage Management: Training of the restaurant manager.

The blog wants to be a help and offer advice for everyday food shopping. Useful information to save you time, money and unnecessary stress. Knowing how to choose means not having to spend money on wrong purchases.

Grocery shopping

It may seem like a trivial operation, but choosing the right foods to bring to the table is anything but simple. Seasonality, variety, origin, nutritional values and many other factors affect our choice.

Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, bread, meats and cheeses. These are the main categories of each supermarket where moving with awareness becomes fundamental. Choosing the best cut of meat for a roast, flour for frying fish or a sweet and juicy watermelon are just some of the daily dilemmas of the grocery shopper.

Choosing, Knowing and RE-Knowing the food product is our mantra. Whether you are at the supermarket counter, at the fruit and vegetable market or online, our articles are designed to guide you in the fascinating and boundless world of food products.

After more than 25 years in the food retail, I wanted to create a guide capable of informing and training the customer on the right approach and the correct choice of food for everyday food shopping.